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Welcome to the #IP&ITdoggieNFT glade of Labrador millionaires

Here, IP&ITdoggie Labrador Millionaires will do all the work for you to protect and monetize pictures, illustration, ideas, others and you will profit from their work without straining.

Our smart dog house was created for those who keep up with the times

It is heavily guarded in a secret location and only VIP members of the #IP&ITdoggieNFT community can enter.

IP&ITLedger Dog

Uniqueness and rarity

Each of the IP&ITdoggieNFTs are a labrador millionaire ready to help you

Each Labrador Millionaire is generated from over 100 possible traits and knows everything about intellectual property and its digital protection.

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Road map

Road map Road map Road map Road map

Each IP&ITdoggie has exclusive access to Smart Doggie House.

0% - go through security. Welcome to Smart Doggie House. The doors to Doggy House are open.
Private Discord channel will be available exclusively to IP&ITdoggieNFTs owners.

10% community wallet open. We stock up in “STORAGE” for all IP&ITdoggieNFTs owners.
The community wallet will be used to ensure longevity.

Create ideas, pictures, jthers and start defending them, hard work is rewarded...

Community Awards for IP&ITdoggieNFT involved in Discord

100% tips and services from #IP&ITdoggieNFTs millionaire labradors for registration, protection, monetization, intellectual property management, digital asset, creation of IT projects.

100% #IP&ITdoggie Game… Play to test the idea and earn money for its real implementation.
An exclusive IP&ITdoggieNFT game with community prizes will be released

Our team

Our team Our team Our team Our team
IPdoggie Natan Natan
IPdoggie Andrew Andrew
IPdoggie Kate Kate
IPdoggie Alex Alex